I simply am not there.


Me packing lunch


I won’t be impressed by technology until the day I can close the YouTube app but the music continues playing


When you go to someones house for the first time and you sit there like



When your product is 15$ and the shipping is 50$


I love going out of my comfort zone—I live to go out of my comfort zone. Obviously, you have quieter years than others—you don’t go jumping out of a plane every day.


and in that moment, everyone’s heart broke


By Request…


Author Chuck Palahniuk first came up with the idea for the novel after being beaten up on a camping trip when he complained to some nearby campers about the noise of their radio. When he returned to work, he was fascinated to find that nobody would mention or acknowledge his injuries, instead saying such commonplace things as “How was your weekend?” Palahniuk concluded that the reason people reacted this way was because if they asked him what had happened, a degree of personal interaction would be necessary, and his workmates simply didn’t care enough to connect with him on a personal level. It was his fascination with this societal ‘blocking’ which became the foundation for the novel. 

You were my new dream.


 Skyrim + prettiness.